Cold Frames

Cold frames, often described as mini-greenhouses, are a gardener’s secret weapon for extending the growing season. These simple, low-tech structures, typically made of a transparent top and wooden or brick base, harness the sun’s warmth to protect plants from frost and cold winds. Positioned directly on the ground, they create a microclimate that allows garden enthusiasts to sow seeds earlier in the spring and harvest crops later into the fall, or even winter.

For us, the journey began with a cold frame constructed atop a raised bed just outside our back door. With its protective top, we’ve been able to nurture lettuce and spinach throughout the winter months. Currently, it’s a haven for herbs, with cilantro proudly taking center stage. Every time we step out, we’re greeted by its vibrant green and aromatic presence.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, integrating a cold frame into your garden can be a game-changer, and our personal experience stands testament to its magic.

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